Your life code-decoding professional, numbers have spiritual meaning, can reveal the truth behind everything and interpret the meaning of life.


The life number not only has a deeper understanding of one's own cognition and life state, but also found that the life number itself really represents a lot of life characteristics and identity characteristics of a person.

Everyone has a series of numbers that belong to him since he was born. This is the life number. The life number has a very simple calculation method, which includes every number in the date of birth, birthday number, constellation number, talent number, destiny number, etc. This string of numbers is like your life password, your personality , emotions, wealth, fortune, and even health are all written in your life figures.

Calculation and Meaning

It is widely used as a tool for self-discovery and self-improvement. Let you see the great power of the soul, find the most valuable number for you, and make your life happier, more complete, carefree and fearless!


Leadership, creativity and self-confidence

1 is the starting number of Arabic numerals, and it is also a number representing "start". In addition, 1 not only represents "beginning" but also contains unlimited creative power. Person 1 is a person with great creative power. His excellent creativity makes him a very independent and confident person, but his independence will make him feel lonely from time to time, so person 1 needs a private space of his own.

Communication, cooperation and balance

The number 2 represents the meaning of communication skills. In addition, No. 2 will also face many choices. A person will become hesitant when faced with many choices. Therefore, No. 2 should always remind oneself to overcome the habit of hesitation. The number 2 is also a number that belongs to the female character. Gentleness and patience are the advantages of No. 2. Of course, No. 2 men will appear more rational and gentle.

Action, expression and sensitivity

The number 3 represents the meaning of fast and action. Person 3 is a person with very strong mobility. When person 3 is moving, if the speed is fast, it will make them appear irritable, and become more emotional and bad-tempered. Therefore, person 3 should always remind himself not to be impatient, and to act step by step. The number 3 is a number that belongs to a male character. The number 3 is easily impulsive, self-willed and inattentive.

Planning and stabilizing in procedures

Person No. 4 is very smart, likes planning, good at organizing, has a strong desire for knowledge, and will do everything step by step. Person 4 is also a conservative person. They always strike a balance between rationality and sensibility. Person 4 is insecure. When they are emotionally insecure, they will look everywhere for duckweed that can stabilize their heart, such as a career. Once they find a certainty, Person 4 will hold on to it. Devotion.

Direction, freedom and norms

The number 5 likes to live freely and freely. People on the 5th are very smart, so they are very demanding on themselves and others. Everyone is very picky about almost everything. Of course, this picky is not malicious. Number 5 also represents direction, so the person on the 5th has a strong sense of direction. As long as he raises a head, he can see the result. People with strong sense of direction are very stubborn people, especially those with more than 5, more stubborn.

Loyalty, vision and acceptance

Man No. 6 is liked by most women. They pay much attention to family life. Although both No. 6 and No. 4 are willing to do things step by step, those who are good at No. 6 are still very impatient. The sixth sense of the 6th person is very strong, and women are especially sensitive in emotional aspects. The number 6 likes to know the final result immediately. When they read books, they will first turn to the last result, or eat to solve the problem as soon as possible. Just like some golfers, they only pay attention to the part of the game and forget it. To enjoy the fun of walking between swings.

Knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest

No. 7 is a sophisticated personality. As the name suggests, they are good at sociability, sleek, very popular, and have many friends. They are shrewd and capable. People with this personality are mostly powerful people. After gaining power, they are more cautious in their behavior and guiding ideology, so they will not be pioneering leaders. They are knowledgeable and naturally know how to ask and analyze problems.

Responsibility, wealth and power

The number 8 person is a responsible person. Once they agree to someone, they will definitely complete it, otherwise they will be restless. If there are more than 8 people, there will be a lot of pressure, because they all deal with other people's affairs as their own. Once they encounter problems that cannot be solved, they will be irritated and brood. Man No. 8 is a big philanthropist and careerist. Once he is young, he will be obsessed with money, power, dictatorship, and dictatorship.

Opportunity, integrity and wisdom

The person on the 9th is a comprehensive person. He has a personality from 1 to 8, with rich emotions, strong insight, and easy to be moved. They will be recognized by others when they speak and do things, and they have a lot of opportunities. This is why 9 Numbers are more greedy and want everything. They need to learn to be single-minded, otherwise they will end up empty-handed. They learn things very fast, and they want to learn everything, but once they learn something, they don't want to continue, so the number 9 can do everything.

Life numbers, Tarot and Constellations are listed as the three major mysticisms, with accurate predictability

Numbers are everywhere in our lives, time, age, floor, room number, bus line, license plate number, phone number, price… But do you know what has the most fundamental and direct impact on our lives? Life figures.

Life number is not fatalism, it is like a key to explore the soul, it helps us to see ourselves clearly, discover the value and energy hidden in each of us, and realize a better self; it also helps us to know others and be more intelligent Get along with others.

Life numbers are definitely the best mind-reading technique you can’t miss!

Understand yourself; understand your significant other; understand your boss, superiors, colleagues or subordinates; understand your customers and deepen your relationship with them; understand every person you are dating or preparing to communicate…

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Number energy can help people analyze themselves and understand others, and create a better life. It also helps you discover long-lost strengths and potential talents, analyze each person’s different communication methods, and it can be used in human resources, husband and wife emotional It plays a role in communication, but the most important thing is to help everyone find their talents.